Here at PPES Ternak, we have a very strong focus on supplying Brahman cattles imported directly from our farm in Rosewood Station (NT) Australia, where they have been raised in a natural environment.

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Why Choose Brahman Cattle?

The Brahman or Brahma is a breed of zebu cattle (Bos indicus) that was first bred in United States from cattle breeds imported from India. Brahman cattle were produced by crossbreeding the Kankrej cattle and Guzerat cattle, Ongole, Gir, Krishna Valley breeds of cattle.

The Brahman is one of the most popular breeds of cattle intended for meat processing and is widely used in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, United States, Panama, Colombia and Australia among many other places. The Indian-origin Brahman cattle breed is named after the Brahmins (Hindu priests), who themselves are named after the Hindu deity Brahma. Hindu Brahmins are vegetarians and consider cows holy and bulls sacred, eating neither. It is ironic that a cattle breed named after the sacred Hindu icon has become the largest source of meat for meat-eaters.

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The Brahman is mainly used for the meat industry. It has been crossbred extensively with Bos taurus taurus (European) beef breeds of cattle. It has been used to develop numerous other U.S. beef breeds including Brangus, Beefmaster, Simbrah and Santa Gertrudis.

Brahman cattle are known for their extreme tolerance to heat and are widespread in tropical regions. They are resistant to insects due to their thick skin. Brahman cattle live longer than many other breeds, often producing calves at ages 15 and older.

The Brahman Breed has made a major impact on the Australian beef cattle market, especially in the northern parts of Australia. Since the introduction of the breed to Australia, over 50% of Australia’s cattle population are either Brahman or Brahman cross cattle. The breed does well not only in hot temperatures but also in the colder climate. There are breeders of the Brahman breed in Victoria right through to North Queensland. It is a common misconception that the breed will not “do well” in cold climates; a number of breeders in Central Victoria run these animals where temperatures can be extremely cold (sub-zero) and even can experience snow falls in the surrounding districts.

In Australia the Brahman Breeders Association of Australia is the body in which members register their cattle and can become members if they wish to have registered cattle. However there are a number of people which breed “commercial” cattle in which they are not registered breeders, these breeders supply cattle for the beef market commonly use stud bulls to improve the quality of their stock.

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